Artist: The Aggrolites

Album: Reggae Now!

Label: Pirates Press Records

Release Date: May 10, 2019

It's been a minute (well, really more like 4,204,800 ish minutes) since we have had anything new to come our way from Los Angeles' soul/skinhead reggae treasure The Aggrolites... but I can assure you with absolute certainty that it was worth the wait!

While staying true to that early reggae sound, The Aggrolites have transitioned out of the punk/dirty reggae sound of their last few albums and brought that hip-swaying fire with their sixth studio release Reggae Now!

"Pound for Pound"
 was the first single to be released off this album and everyone who had a chance to listen to it absolutely loved it.  It's hitting the mark on all levels and gives you a great vibe.  I have yet to hear a negative remark about this song - or even this album for that matter - by anyone in the scene.  Tracks like "People Win" make you want to get up out of your seat and start doing the wine... whether you know how to dance or not!

Vocally, there are great harmonies throughout the album.  Instrumentally, there is nothing to pick apart - everything flows extremely well in each track.  This album rides that perfect wave of sound between upbeat, danceable tracks and the soulful slower songs.  Unfortunately, because they flow so well, and with nearly every song being upwards of three (3) minutes, sometimes they give a feeling that they run into each other.   

Track Listing


1.     Pound for Pound

2.     Say or Do

3.     Groove Them Move Them

4.     Jack Pot

5.     Hurry Up

6.     Love Me Tonight

7.     Western Taipan

8.     People Win

9.     Help Man

10. Invasion

11. Why You Rat

12. 15 or 50

13. Aggro Reggae Party

14. Shadow Walk


Overall, it's a fabulous piece of work.  Reggae Now! should be on everyone's summer playlist. 

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Rating: 4.2/5