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Wall of Fame

Troy (Brix’n Mortar)

Troy was on Episode 92.5. Check out Brix’n Mortar on Facebook.

Joost (One Voice)

Joost was on Episode 91. Check out One Voice on Facebook.

DSC_8197 Smart Kopie.png

Matt (Radio Hate)

Matt was on Episode 85. Check out Radio Hate on Facebook.

Bill Marcks (No Affiliation Records)

Bill was on Episode 81.5. Check out No Affiliation Records on Facebook.

CJ Coop (Racist Kramer)

CJ was on Episode 76.5. Check out Racist Kramer on Facebook.


The StickUps

The StickUps on Episode 71.5. Check out The StickUps on Facebook.

Richie (Wisdom in Chains)

Richie was on Episode 69.5. Check out Wisdom in Chains on Facebook.

Sonic Ammunition

Sonic Ammunition was on Episode 67. Check out Sonic Ammunition on Facebook.

Nigel (The Mindless)

Nigel was on Episode 65.5. Check out The Mindless on Facebook.

Darren (Tough Actin’ Tinactins)

Darren was on Episode 63.5. Check out Tough Actin’ Tinactins on Facebook.

Josh & Eric (Suburban Hell Kill)

Josh & Eric on Episode 62.5. Check out Suburban Hell Kill on Facebook.

Ehrin Petty (The Punk Lounge)

Ehrin was on Episode 60. Check out The Punk Lounge on Facebook.


Tom (The Roadblocks)

Tom was on Episode 58.5. Check out The Roadblocks on Facebook.

T.J. McFaull (The Bar Stool Preachers)

T.J. was on Episode 57. Check out The Bar Stool Preachers on Facebook.

Ben (Roadside Bombs)

Ben on Episode 53. Check out Roadside Bombs on Facebook.

Fallen Monuments

Fallen Monuments was on Episode 49. Check out Fallen Monuments on Facebook.

Scott & Ed (Horn & Hoof Records)

Scott and Ed on Episode 47.5. Check out Horn & Hoof Records on Facebook.

The Scratch N’ Sniffs

The Scratch N’ Sniffs on Episode 46. Check out The Scratch N’ Sniffs on Facebook.

Daniel (Aggressive)

Daniel was on Episode 42.5. Check out Aggressive on Facebook.

Assault and Battery

Assault and Battery was on Episode 41. Check out Assault and Battery on Facebook.

Assault and Battery.jpg

Kris (Hardsell)

Kris was on Episode 38. Check out Hardsell on Facebook.

Paul McAlarney (The Ungovernable Force Movie)

Paul was on Episode 37.5. Check The Ungovernable Force on Facebook.

Ungovernable Force.jpg

390 (Ronnie, ERiC & Ron)

390 was on Episode 35. Check out 390 on Facebook.

Gary, Todd, and Aaron (Fallen Monuments)

Fallen Monuments were on Episode 92 and Episode 49. Check out Fallen Monuments on Facebook.

Mike Brands (Arch Rivals)

Mike was on Episode 90. Check out Arch Rivals on Facebook.

Jenna Enemy (The Von Tramps)

Jenna was on Episode 84. Check out The Von Tramps on Facebook.

Jake Kiley (Strung Out)

Jake was on Episode 80.5. Check out Strung Out on Facebook.

5 Cent Psychiatrist

5 Cent Psychiatrist was on Episode 73.5. Check out 5 Cent Psychiatrist on Facebook.

Gus (Oldfashioned Ideas)

Gus was on Episode 71. Check out Oldfashioned Ideas on Facebook.

American Television

American Television was on Episode 69. Check out American Television on Facebook.

Josh (Rad Girlfriend Records and The Raging Nathans)

Josh was on Episode 66.5. Check out Rad Girlfriend Records on Facebook & The Raging Nathans on Facebook.

Ray Chavez (Gross Polluter)

Ray was on Episode 64.5. Check out Gross Polluter on Facebook.


DustiN Rose (Shark Punch)

Dustin was on Episode 63. Check out Shark Punch on Facebook.

J.J. Clifton (Bare Knuckle Hooligans)

J.J. was on Episode 61.5. Check out Bare Knuckle Hooligans on Facebook.

Shaun Morris (Bamboo Vipers)

Shaun was on Episode 59.5. Check out Bamboo Vipers on Facebook.

Cody & CJ (The Uncouth)

Cody and CJ on Episode 58. Check out The Uncouth on Facebook.

Ian Hodson (Resistance 77)

Oddie was on the Resistance 77 episode. Check out Resistance 77 on Facebook.


Not A Part Of It

Jason, Daylon, and Chris on Episode 51 1/2. Check out Not A Part Of It on Facebook.


Jess was on Episode 48.5. Check Jess-O-Lantern out on Facebook.

Some Kind of Nightmare

Some Kind of Nightmare on Episode 47. Check out Some Kind of Nightmare on Facebook.


Nieviem was on Episode 45.5. Check out Nieviem on Facebook.

Dusty Grave (Stellar Corpses)

Dusty was on Episode 42. Check out Stellar Corpses on Facebook.


Dan was on Episode 40. Check out ROLEMODEL on Facebook.

The Follow Ups

The Follow Ups on Episode 38.5. Check out the Follow Ups on Facebook.

Robin John (Landmine Heart)

Robin was on Episode 36. Check out Landmine Heart on Facebook.

Peter Jones (Paranoid Visions)

Peter was on Episode 29.5. Check out Paranoid Visions on Facebook.

Jonny Disaster (Cry Havoc!)

Jonny was on Episode 91.5. Check out Cry Havoc! on Facebook.


Will (Death Ridge Boys)

Will was on Episode 86. Check out Death Ridge Boys on Facebook.

Sam King (8 Up Records)

Sam was on Episode 83.5. Check out 8 Up Records on Facebook.

Jason Devore (Authority Zero)

Jason was on Episode 77.5. Check out Authority Zero on Facebook.

Jon-E-Boy (Teenage Schizoid)

Jon was on Episode 72. Check out Teenage Schizoid on Facebook.

Trashed Again

Trashed Again was on Episode 70. Check out Trashed Again on Facebook.

Josh (Riva Rebels)

Josh was on Episode 68. Check out Riva Rebels on Facebook.


SPLNTR was on Episode 66. Check out SPLNTR on Facebook.

The Abductors

The Abductors were on Episode 64. Check out The Abductors on Facebook.

Chad Malone (The Shame)

Chad was on Episode 62. Check out The Shame on Facebook.


Karl Backman (Acid Blood)

Karl was on Episode 60.5. Check out Acid Blood on Facebook.

Wayne, Clark & Coby (Dogs in the Fight)

Wayne, Clark, & Coby on Episode 59. Check out Dogs in the Fight on Facebook.

Chris (Detour)

Chris was on Episode 57.5.

Grason & Tim (Fail to Follow)

Grason & Tim on the Fail to Follow episode. Check out Fail to Follow on Facebook.

Victor (Operation Death Squad)

Victor was on Episode 50. Check out Operation Death Squad on Facebook.

Running From Daylight

Running From Daylight on Episode 48. Check out Running From Daylight on Facebook.

The Swindells

The Swindells on Episode 46.5. Check out the Swindells on Facebook.


!MESS! was on Episode 43. Check out !MESS! on Facebook.

Death Lottery

Death Lottery was on Episode 41.5. Check out Death Lottery on Facebook.

Evo (High Society)

Evo on Episode 39. Check out High Society on Facebook.

Houston & the Dirty Rats

Houston, Gerard, and Tony Bones on Episode 37 1/2. Check out Houston & the Dirty Rats on Facebook.

Darrel (Harrington Saints)

Darrel was on Episode 35.5. Check out Harrington Saints on Facebook.

Willie Hatton-Ward aka Wolfbite (zombiecock)

Willie was on Episode 27.5. Check out Zombiecock on Facebook.

David HennessY (Delinquents)

David was on Episode 23.5. Check out Delinquents on Facebook.

MInner Johnson (THe Sawed Offs)

Minner was on Episode 20. Check out The Sawed Offs on Facebook.

Paul & Romario (Fat Randall)

Paul & Romario were on Episode 18.5. Check out Fat Randall on Facebook.

Daniel Wright & Keith "Ritchie" Richards (Step 13)

Daniel & Ritchie were on Episode 12 and Episode 44.5. Check out Step 13 on Facebook.


As December Falls (THe Whole Band)

As December Falls were on Episode 11. Check out As December Falls on Facebook.

Chris Lloyd (dogtown rebels)

Chris was on Episode 21.5. Check out Dogtown Rebels on Facebook.

Andy T. (Knock Off)

Andy was on Episode 21. Check out Knock Off on Facebook.

TobI (primetime Failure)

Tobi was on Episode 17.5. Check out Primetime Failure on Facebook.

Chazz Valentine (CHazz Valentine & THe Rabble)

Chazz was on Episode 15.5. Check out Chazz Valentine on Facebook.

Bert Van Dyck (This Means War!)

Bert was on Episode 11.5. Check out This Means War! on Facebook.


Audible JoEs (THe Whole Band)

Audible Joes were on Episode 22. Check out Audible Joes on Facebook.

Gerrard (45 Adapters)

Gerrard was on Episode 18. Check out 45 Adapters on Facebook.

Mike Longshot (Suede Razors)

Mike Longshot was on Episode 17. Check out Suede Razors on Facebook.

THe Darts

The Darts were on Episode 14. Check out The Darts on Facebook.

Jon Benjamin (Chin Up, kid)

Jon was on Episode 10 and the band were on Episode 19. Check out Chin Up, Kid on Facebook.